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LONDON, the City of Angels and Olympics

Invitation to London

Invitation to London picture of the book

“London - the city of Angels” – Granny heaved a sigh with her glazed eyes, which become wet, whenever she feels obliged to extend her statement; – “oh my London, now the City of Angels and Olympic Games!

There is a playground nearby Queen’s Palace and the Lake. The wildness of that Lake in St. James’s Park can cast a charm like the Amazon flowing through the Jungle.

Yet the most amazed is always our river Thames. One Friday night it secretly formed a sandy beach, just under London Eye . . .


“Granny, I will work out a good program to strive till the end of the visit, even if harsh time comes” - little Bes resolved.

Do NOT Gamble

Do NOT Gamble picture of the book

So why Granny denied this pulsing light over my head? If this is an Orb so why it is so bright! There must be a deeper meaning, are you with me? That’s why I prefer to wait, not to open my heart to my Granny yet, or reveal any hints. My plans for my future is the most important thing to me  . . .  I do not want to set any limits.

If my future or brain can be programmed - like a computer sets path for an airplain. . . or . . . the other way – if your mind or heart can program a path of your future, so maybe only one route the future would keep for me. I would not like to be fixed!

I want to try many ways in my life, to consider every possible potential, to have many goals, to become also a billionaire, and then be able to travel everywhere, to meet every one of you or invite all of you at once to my place, my dear new friends. I want to share everything with somebody sincere and friendly – do you want the same? 

We can become one family on our Mother Earth – is it not what the trees in our forest really tried to convey to us by expressing this wish openly in the language of Light, which splits into colours like dilects? They know that we are writing this book and can pass the idea on others…

Towards Greatness

Towards Greatness picture of the book

Do not avoid risks on your path, yet do not be ashamed if you fail.

Stand up on your feet again as quickly as you can – and quickly forgive yourself and forget the failure – remember only the reason and what skills you need to perfect it.

Every mistake can be changed into valuable lesson, every obstacle, difficulty or problem is nothing else but invitation to get truly involved.

What seems to be a great trouble is often only a little puzzle – the energy pattern calling for attention.

The case of greater disasters – see as little training in becoming more successful master. It becomes obvious that you can learn more from failure than from success.

Then you are ready to overtake the rains from the child and may London angels take you to your stars as stated in the Title, only towards your greatness!

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